Well this is my second blog post. And to be totally honest I don’t know what/if this will become an actual blog but per usual I am a “Jack of all Trades… Master of None.” Hope that through this outlet I can help at least one person because I think that is really all I was put on this earth to do.

I started Moxie Enterprises LLC in 2014 when I was 22 and less than a month out of college. It was a tremendous adventure and I loved working with my clients! Approaching my 25th birthday I had a feeling in my gut that it was time for a change. Not sure if it was the fact that I was back in school with a hunger to learn new things. Maybe it was the fact that I was a TERRIBLE bookkeeper and anytime that I spent on my own business I felt like I was doing a disservice to my clients. Or maybe was that I was coming to grips with mourning the loss of a few very good friends and the importance of making an impact in the short time that we have here on planet earth really sunk in (Didn’t mean to get so philosophical but just go with it). Either way I knew it was time for a change. So in September 2017 I ended ALL my contracts and began looking for something that was going to fuel my soul.Wow.

Man was I stupid. If you take anything away from this blog EVER let it be that you should NOT quit a job without another one lined up or at least a job in the works. Some people (ie. my dear friend Edgar) would say go for it but I am here to tell you about the worst case scenario (which was my life lol).After quitting my job it took me a YEAR to find a full-time job that I was passionate about and that is going to let me grow into the next phase of my career. I have been working since I was 15 years old. In college I ran 3 organizations on campus (50 events per year), worked 20+ hours a week, Oh and I did attend 5-7 classes per semester. I had 4 years of professional experience on major projects and I started and managed my own company… and it took me a YEAR! This is not to say I didn’t work during this year off… NO Way, Not my style.  I was still grinding with grad school, part-time jobs, job searching, networking outreach/events and interviews. During this time I was investing, trying, failing, brainstorming all to figure out how to navigate and rebrand Moxie to become the company that I always dreamed that it would.

To be totally honest, I haven’t gotten there yet. Like all entrepreneurs I am a problem solver so I look at the world through the lens of trying to solve problems in the world around me. I hope that my business will be successful like so many entrepreneurs and innovators that I admire like Warren Buffet, Rachel Hollis, Steve Case, Joanna Gaines and so many others. I hope Moxie develops different facets of the company to support my passions like dogs, faith, side hustles, sports/eSports, entrepreneurship, technology/analytics, fitness, help for people who can’t cook, home design/renovations, accelerated learning, volunteering and most importantly how to be intentional about helping others. Are you overwhelmed just from reading that? Don’t be! I am just getting started.I am here, no, WE are here to change the world.